Our Leadership Team

Karen Travis
Executive Director

I have worked in health care for 28 years and my passion has always been about seniors' care. As Exective Director, Iget to shore my passion while growing the reputation the Village on the Thames has gained for providing the best in loving care to their residents.

I am thrilled to be part of this team!

Marie Reaume
Resident Services Manager

I began my journey with Steeves & Rozema early summer 2019. I started at head office and moved to Twin Lakes Village as the Residents Services Manager and then moved to Village on the Thames to be their RSM.  I have worked with seniors throughout my career and most enjoy listening to their stories and life experiences. Our residents constantly amaze me with their wisdom and understanding. I feel very honored to be able to keep learning and getting to know our residents here at Village on the Thames and hope to be able to touch their lives as so many here have already touched mine.

Tina Drew
Fun Coordinator

The residents and team here are like family, which makes coming to work rewarding. My goal is to create activities that are joyful and exciting for our residents, whether we go bowling at the Bowlerama or stay at home and bowl with Nintendo Wii. I look forward to our new experiences together - shopping, luncheon and picnic outings, and concerts in the park. I am delighted at the opportunity to get to know our residents better. It is amazing what you can learn from them.