Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 Benefits of Seniors Living

1. Be Confident and Independent: Seniors Living lets you live your life, your way. You have the choice, the privacy and the freedom to maintain the lifestyle you choose. Many residents find that their ability to remain independent, their quality of life and even their overall optimism improves once they make the move. Most say, "I should have made the decision to move much sooner".

2. Enhance Your Overall Well-Being: Seniors Living can keep your mind, body and soul balanced with nutritious meals and snacks, along with a variety of FUN and engaging social activities, outings (take our Shuttle), clubs and spiritual programs. Seniors Living enhances your opportunities for good things in life.

3. Experience Community and Companionship: There is always a friendly face providing you with plenty of opportunities to interact with your new neighbours and our staff. Many residents make new good friends, but they also stay in touch with past friends whenever they wish to come or go for a visit.

4. Possess Peace of Mind: Be in the comfort of knowing that you are surrounded by a community of supports, if and when you need them. Whether it is simply to be seen by others and you seeing them, to various care needs like medications or other personal help, there is always caring and professional staff available to you 24 hours a day.

5. More Freedom and More Time: You have the freedom from home maintenance, and doing certain daily or weekly household chores. Seniors Living provides more opportunity and the time to be free to do other things that you really want to do.

6. Stay Active: With a diverse range of FUN and interesting activities and programs, as well as excursions, you can be as busy as you want to be. Most Seniors Living homes offer a Shuttle Service to go shopping, for visits, go to your church and attend your appointments.

7. Enjoy Amenities at Home: With a wide array of living areas, lounges, libraries, patios, balconies, cafes, activity rooms and beauty salons, everything that you should desire is under one roof - your home. There is always the place and the opportunity for quiet privacy or to join in the party.

8. Know Assurance and Comfort: With the safety and security of being in a Seniors Living home, our staff have you covered 24 hours a day, and you are surrounded by people who watch out for you and provide you with friendship and care. Care and companionship makes a community at Seniors Living.

9. Make Your Individual Choices: Seniors Living has a wide variety of living options and care plans to fit everyone's preferences. Living areas include private studios to 1, 2 or sometimes 3 bedroom suites. You can decorate and live in your suite as you choose, knowing that you are in a community that will provide you with the comforts, supports and security that you want - just outside your door.

10. Change Can Be Interesting and FUN: You are "UPSIZING" your LIFE, and that is what Seniors Living is all about. 


Am I required to sign a Lease?

You will need to sign a Tenancy Agreement, which outlines the accommodations and service packages you have selected. This agreement is not for a fixed term, but is on a month-to-month basis, which allows for flexibility if and when you need to move. As required, we will also provide a Care Home Information Package (CHIP), which discloses all the information that you need to enjoy Seniors Living.

If I leave a deposit is it refundable?

Yes. Any deposit that you might leave will either hold a price or reserve a suite that you have chosen, for a period of time. This deposit is then applied towards your First Month's Rent when you move in. If you change your mind at any time before you move, this deposit will be fully refunded to you.

Do I need First and Last Month’s Rent Deposit?

No. We do not collect a Last Month's Rent Deposit. Your First Month's Rent is paid when you move in.

Will my rent increase and if so how often?

Yes. Your rent will increase yearly. S&R Seniors Living needs to maintain our standards of service to you and other residents in the future, and there are increases in the cost to operate. Costs include: maintenance, utilities, general supplies, food and staff, as a few examples. Typically, we provide ninety (90) days prior written notice of an increase, and these increases typically occur every twelve (12) months, on the anniversary date your move-in.

Can I make my suite my home and decorate as I choose?

Yes. We encourage you to make your suite your home. Bring the things that make you the most comfortable. Hang pictures and drapes; personalize your space so that it makes you happy and it feels like home - it will be.

Can my family and friends have meals with me?

Yes. Your guests are always welcome to visit and dine with you. Reservations are suggested and your guests can pay for their meal at the time they dine with you or it can be added to your monthly account. It is your choice.

Can you accommodate special diets or favourite foods?

Yes - in most cases. We can accommodate most diets such as a Diabetic Diet and Low Sodium Diets. However, with a Gluten Free Diet, our resident's purchase their preferred Gluten Free products, and we are glad to prepare the food to their preference. Our Culinary Team is always looking to prepare the many favourites of our resident's too.

Is there room service?

Yes, we can provide occasional Tray Service to your suite if needed - ask for details.


Are pets allowed?

Yes - generally. Small pets may be permitted. All pets must have updated licences and vaccinations. Pets must always be under the exclusive care and control of their owner. Pet Agreements are completed in the event of a resident's extended absence, or to ensure the continuing care of the pet, if needed.

Can I park my car here and is there a fee?

Our homes provide a Complimentary Parking Space that is available for the resident's primary vehicle. Extra Parking Spaces may be available for a small fee. Visitor parking is also available.

Can my friends and a guest join in on the activities?

Yes. Friends, family and guests are always welcome to join in on the FUN. We also love to invite friends and families to our many wonderful special events too. We encourage you to use any of the amenity space for your enjoyment at anytime.

Who looks after the maintenance in my suite?

We will look after any and all maintenance related to your suite and there is no cost for routine maintenance issues and repairs. Our team will also be happy to help you hang pictures and get settled in your new suite when you move in.

If my health changes can you accommodate my needs?

We may be able to help you access community services or add to our own care services to help you. As each resident's situation is unique, and our homes are also unique in the care that they can provide, our Director of Wellness can help you understand this better.