Our Leadership Team

Jessi Pillon
Executive Director/Director of Wellness

The opportunity to become the Executive Director & Director of Care at Southgate Village could not have come at a better time. Coming from management in long term care, I am loving the atmosphere being back in a retirement home. I previously worked as a UCP here while I was in school. My education includes a minor in French Studies at the University of Windsor and completion of the RPN program at St. Clair College. The Residents and the staff here at Southgate make every day entertaining and special. I love that I am always learning, and I want to continue to do that with the staff members here.

Jessica Cecile
Resident Wellness Supervisor

I have worked as a nurse for six years in multiple health care settings. I am very passionate about giving back to the community. I am a volunteer firefighter with the Town of Kingsville. I am happy to be working with a company that is passionate in proving quality care for the residents. It has been a great pleasure joining a fantastic team. 

Susan Davis
Fun Coordinator

I want to thank the Southgate team for including me in such a wonderful place. Never in life did I think I would be so fortunate as to be able to work with such caring individuals and beautiful residents on a daily basis. They are always good for a shared story, company or a laugh and I appreciate so much that they are tolerant and thoroughly enjoy my British humor. Here at Southgate we provide an array of activities ranging from church service to a photo-shoot for an upcoming calendar. We always try to make the most of each day, build each other up and have an inclusive atmosphere. I am truly honored to be a part of this Team.

Karen Siddall
Food Services Manager

I have worked at Southgate Village since 2001 and became the Food Service Manager in 2015. I love to work with our residents, they know how to cook so it can be a challenging but rewarding job. We live in an area where the fresh local produce is plentiful and I love to incorporate it into my cooking. I take recipes that are given to me by the residents and prepare them to make them feel at home. On a monthly basis, I like to make a special meal for different nationalities and have their input on the preparations. I have a great relationship with our residents and you can often find me out in the dining room looking for input. The dining experience is a big part of their lives and I am happy to be part of it.