Food and FUN

Good Food is so Important

The social time of gathering with good friends at Lanark Village is complimented by a variety of savoury meals prepared by our Culinary Team. Good cheer and laughter abound as residents appreciate the daily home-made soups and delicious meals. Gracious table service enhances the dining and social ambiance that our residents look forward to every day.

Listening carefully to our residents is an integral part of all that we do at Lanark Village, and our House Chef takes pleasure in knowing about our resident's recipes and preparing their cultural favourites. For additional culinary delight, our Executive Chef hosts a monthly "Taste Series" featuring "Cuisines and Wines of the World".

A warm welcome awaits both family and friends, whenever you may wish to share a meal with a loved one. Always enjoy our Cafés, offering coffee, tea, and delightful fruits and snacks. 

Our daily calendar of FUN Days and Seasonal Events are an integral part of the wonderful food experience at Lanark Village, ensuring special treats for all to enjoy.

Good food, good friends and great times – they always go well together


FUN and Engaging Activities

Our "FUN" Coordinator ensures that there is never a dull moment for residents at Lanark Village. 

Creating a special welcome for all new residents, we encourage new friendships and the opportunities to share life stories and interests of the heart. We ensure that our residents are always invited to join in the FUN, and our residents can choose daily how busy and socially active they wish to be. 

Our residents can chat with friends at the Cafe, join the exercise club, play cards or share in a hobby. Lanark Village encourages our Team Members to join the residents in celebrating the Birthday Parties and Socials, our summertime BBQs, and our spectacular seasonal events.

Things to do and places to go.

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So Many FUN Things to Do...

Fun and Fitness: From Tai Chi to Yoga to simple stretching, an exercise group is available to any resident who wants to join in and maintain their strength and mobility.

Music and Entertainment: Whether it's Choir, Sing-Along, Movie Night or Card Night, our residents are delighted by the opportunity for merriment. Often an outside musical group is invited to come and charm our residents. Dancing is whenever possible.

Fun and Games: Residents can exercise their brain-power with card games like Bridge and Euchre, Trivia sessions and familiar board games. There are also a wide a number of Clubs the residents help to create. BINGO is always in big demand.

Resident and Staff FUN Days: Residents and team members are all encouraged to dress to a FUN theme, like Crazy Colours Day, Backward Clothes Day or Funniest Hat Day. From Mardi Gras to Rockin' to the 50's, Theme Days allow both residents and the staff to share in the fun with good food, music, games and costumes – great FUN.

Crafts and Baking: There is always something exciting being created in our Activity Room, from creating seasonal displays, scrapbooking to painting – it's the residents who choose. Our homes all have ovens for the residents to use and do their favourite baking or preserves.

Gardening Club: Residents are encouraged to exercise their green thumbs in our gardens, with planting or tending flowers and vegetables.

Youth Groups: We encourage various groups from area schools and kinder centres, as well as youngsters involved with choirs or dance clubs, to entertain and visit with our residents. The residents just LOVE to see kids.

Continuing Education: We welcome various Community Groups to provide presentations on various hobbies, historical events, creative items like floral arrangement, travel or a wide array of topics of interest.

Community Groups: We invite a variety of Community Groups to hold their Clubs or other meetings in our homes. This proactive approach creates activity and interest in the homes and reduces isolation. Seniors are welcome to join in.

Pet Days: We actively encourage various groups to visit our homes with pets.

Community Outings: Whether shopping or going to a theatre or concert, residents look forward to the variety and frequency of our outings in the community to allow them to explore, socialize and feel more connected with one another.

Special Resident and Family Events: Welcome New Resident Day, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, Canada Day and all other special Holidays, an Annual Summer BBQ, a Garage or Bazaar Sale, Thanksgiving, Octoberfest, Halloween, Remembrance Day, Christmas Party, New Years Eve Party, and many other special theme parties and events. The residents and families, along with our staff, all look forward to these moments when everyone has a very special and good time together. 

Spiritual Gatherings: Various churches and fellowship groups in our community are encouraged to visit weekly to provide services for our residents, when requested. Each resident's choice is respected by all.

Residents Council: Our Residents Council gives residents and their families a say in the life at our homes. The Council can meet privately and then choose to chat with our leadership team, or many simply choose to invite us to their meetings. Topics typically are about favourite foods, events and things that the residents would want us to do.

Community Work: We provide many opportunities for residents to give back if they choose, through fundraising for local charities. One example is that the residents and the home, together each sponsor a child in a developing country. We are proud to display their photos and letters. Our homes also have projects were they make "Kids Lunches" for school programs, or a "Back Pack" Return to School Program, distributing Back Packs full of school supplies. The residents come up with the projects and we look to support them. Community involvement equals value, purpose and worth and lifts us up, and others too.

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